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Arthroscopic Surgery Specialist

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There are several advantages to arthroscopic surgery, including less pain, fewer complications, and faster recovery times. The experienced team of board-certified surgeons at Southwest Orthopedic Group, LLP, with several locations in Houston, Texas, and the greater Houston area, offers the most advanced surgical treatments available for orthopedic conditions, including arthroscopic surgery. Call Southwest Orthopedic Group, LLP to schedule an appointment today.

Arthroscopic Surgery

What is arthroscopic surgery?

Arthroscopic surgery is a specialized technique that allows your doctor to treat conditions inside a joint without the large incisions and long recovery times typical of traditional open surgery.

During arthroscopic surgery, your doctor makes one or a few tiny incisions, through which they insert a small camera and other instruments. During the procedure, the camera transmits high-definition images of the structures inside your joint to a monitor that your doctor watches to perform your surgery.

Arthroscopic surgery is considered minimally invasive and carries with it a much lower risk of complications than traditional, invasive surgery. During an arthroscopic procedure, your doctor can also examine structures inside the joint, including ligaments and cartilage and then go on to repair or reconstruct damaged tissues.

What conditions does arthroscopic surgery treat?

The highly trained experts at Southwest Orthopedic Group, LLP use arthroscopic surgery to address a number of orthopedic conditions, including:

  • Rotator cuff tear in shoulders
  • Torn cartilage in knees
  • Torn ligaments
  • Inflamed joint lining
  • Loose bodies in the joint

What can I expect during arthroscopic surgery?

Doctors usually perform arthroscopy at a surgical facility using specialized equipment. Depending on the specific treatment area, extent of damage, and nature of your condition, you may receive general or regional anesthesia.

To perform your surgery, your doctor makes small incisions, each approximately ¼ to ½ inch long. Through these tiny incisions are inserted the visualizing as well as other arthroscopic instruments used to perform your procedure.

After your surgery, the incisions are covered with a dressing.

What can I expect after Arthroscopic surgery?

In most cases, you can have arthroscopic surgery and return home the same day. The small incisions your doctor makes typically heal within a few days. As is typical following any invasive procedure, there is some discomfort after arthroscopic surgery, but extensive pain medications usually aren’t required for many arthroscopic procedures.

While you heal, your doctor works with you to create a personalized rehabilitation program that best speeds recovery and reduces risk of reinjury.

To learn more about arthroscopic surgery, call Southwest Orthopedic Group, LLP to schedule an appointment.