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Our Mission


"Surgeons with in-depth expertise across a range of orthopedic subspecialties provide advanced and comprehensive care."

Created in 2002 by independent minded orthopedic surgeons, Southwest Orthopedic Group (SWOG) seeks to offer physicians an environment that allows them to provide quality care. Today, our practice features ten highly renowned orthopedic surgeons with a central office in the Texas Medical Center and satellite offices in Baytown, Pearland, and Sugar Land.

SWOG is composed of physicians treating general orthopedic conditions as well as specialists in spine surgery, total joint reconstruction, hand surgery, trauma, foot and ankle surgery, sports medicine, and arthroscopic surgery.

Orthopedic care can help restore function and reduce pain—whether you have a slipped disk, a knee injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, or shoulder pain, to name a few common bone and joint conditions. Treating such a complex array of possibilities calls for the sub-specialized expertise found at SWOG.

"Our ten board-certified orthopedic surgeons provide general orthopedic care, yet specialize in specific areas such as sports medicine, minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery, artificial joint replacement, surgery of the hand and upper extremity, surgery of the foot and ankle, and treatment of spinal disorders,” says Dr. Omer Ilahi, a founding member of the renowned group. “If you come in with a problem in your arm that turns out to be caused by a condition in your neck, we can immediately refer you to a spine doctor within our group who can quickly provide the advanced care you need.

Individualized Care

Many conditions do not require surgery. Treatments such as physical therapy, medication, braces, or injections can often relieve symptoms and allow a return to function and normal activities. If surgery becomes necessary, SWOG surgeons review your options with you. They do not tell you what you should do, but explain your condition and the pros and cons of various treatments so we can come to the best decision together. Dr. Ilahi says, “We’re a resource for the decision that’s right for you, because everyone is different and the best care is provided through an individualized approach.”

Leaders in Research

A number of surgeons at Southwest Orthopedic Group have published original research in peer-reviewed medical journals and have worked on innovations such as:

  • A special type of hip surgery that reorients the socket to provide better joint stability
  • Improved surgical reconstruction techniques to repair complex fractures of the pelvis and extremities
  • Advances on the treatment of rotator cuff disorders
  • More secure repair or reconstruction of elbow ligament injuries and fractures
  • Better treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome and other disorders of the wrist and hand
  • Minimally invasive spine surgery
  • Better nonoperative treatment for many orthopedic conditions, including those of the neck and back
  • Computerized navigation during knee surgery to improve the alignment and function of artificial knee prostheses
  • Improved ability to reconstruct torn anterior cruciate ligaments
  • Better methods for tying sutures securely during arthroscopic shoulder surgery

The physicians of Southwest Orthopedic Group are experts who can help you find relief for your orthopedic ailments. We have several different locations in the greater Houston area, including Baytown, Pearland, and Sugar Land.

*Note: not all physicians go to all offices

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