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Ankle Surgery

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Ankle pain from injury, degenerative arthritis, or everyday wear-and-tear can keep you off your feet and negatively impact your quality of life. The experienced surgeons at Southwest Orthopedic Group, LLP, with many locations in Houston, Texas, and the greater Houston area, offer a wide variety of treatments, including ankle surgery, to correct both minor and complex orthopedic conditions. For the highest quality surgical care, call Southwest Orthopedic Group, LLP to schedule an appointment today.

Ankle Surgery Q & A

How does the ankle work?

Your ankle connects your foot to your leg with three separate bones. The inner bone of your ankle is called the shinbone, or tibia. This bone supports most of your weight when you stand. The outer bone of your leg is called the calf bone, or fibula.

The tibia and fibula join at your ankle bone or talus. In addition to these three bones, several ligaments support your ankle. This complex joint allows you to jump, run, walk, and much more. It not only provides movement, but it creates stability in your lower limbs as well.

The most common ankle injuries include sprains, strains, and fractures. When you’re experiencing ankle pain that doesn’t respond to conservative treatments, like medication, bracing, or cortisone injections, your doctor might recommend ankle surgery to relieve your discomfort.

Ligament repair surgery helps to add stability to your ankle. uses small incisions and a camera evaluate the cartilage, address cartilage damage, and shave bone spurs (known as impingement).

What are the most common ankle surgeries?

If you develop chronic arthritis of your ankle, two of the most common procedures are ankle fusion and ankle replacement.

Ankle fusion

During ankle fusion, your doctor fastens your ankle joint together with metal screws and plates. As your bones heal, the damaged pieces fuse together into one. Ankle fusion may reduce your ankle movement, but it can be an effective treatment for arthritis pain.

Ankle replacement

Ankle replacement procedures involve removing the ends of damaged bones and fitting them with plastic-and-metal prosthetic joints. The doctors at Southwest Orthopedic Group, LLP use a CT scan of your ankle and 3D printing technology to create custom guides. These guides are used to provide the patient with the best possible alignment of their total ankle replacement. This new joint provides natural movement in the ankle and can reduce your risk of developing arthritis in surrounding joints.

What can I expect from ankle surgery?

The extent of your ankle surgery and recovery depends on the severity of your condition. Many ankle surgeries require immobilization for varying amounts of time.

For minor ankle surgeries, it’s important to keep your leg elevated (toes above your nose) and ice it regularly to reduce inflammation. Postoperative courses often have a splint for a period of time to reduce swelling and help with pain control. After the incisions are healed, patients often go into a short leg cast to protect the repair and then are transitioned into a walking boot. .

In many cases, your doctor will also suggest 4-6 weeks of physical therapy to help you regain strength, flexibility, and movement in your ankle.

For more information on ankle surgery, call Southwest Orthopedic Group, LLP to schedule an appointment today.